Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

Years ago, Rev. Billy aspired to be a cult figure in the entertainment world. “I always dug cats like Bro. Dave Gardner and Lord Buckley.” He wanted to combine old school Boogie Woogie piano with highbrow/lowbrow hijinks and bring good music and good times to the club scene.

Since his first solo club gig in August of 1979, Billy has traveled the world Rockin’ the Ivories and (hopefully) leaving them rolling in the aisles. He recently recorded his tenth national release featuring the
legendary Nighthawks and began touring again. Over the years he has opened for such diverse acts as:

Bob Dylan
ZZ Top
The Beach Boys
Boz Scaggs (ten times)
The B 52’s
Bob Weir
Dr. John (6 times)
Taj Mahal

The Chicago Knockers Mudwrestling Troupe
Little Jimmy Dickens
Emmy Lou Harris
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Delbert McClinton
Paul Butterfield

He has performed on the Legendary Blues Cruise twelve times as a musical headliner and guest lecturer (see below). The newest album “Full Circle” on the Ellersoul label, has been received national airplay on the Bright House Channel. Along with club and concert venues, the House Concert circuit has been a good match for filling in tour dates. His combination of songs and road stories (and he does have some!) brings a nice change to the normally mellow market.

Flipping In, Part Two: After getting back on his feet, Billy realized that after multiple decades, he still enjoys playing, traveling around, eating in truck stops and getting paid to sing “Stick Out Yer Can,” but something was missing. There was an itch that needed scratching: There was a story in need of telling. The story of Blues.